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No! No! Hair Removal


Where were you? A party? In the office about to walk into a meeting? Out on a date? Where were you when you did what we all do, the dreaded mirror check and looked to find out it’s back! That monster we all know as unwanted hair. We spend so much time trimming, waxing, lasering, shaving, plucking, pulling, we shed tears and even blood, just to get that smooth skin we all desire to look well manicured. Even then, you run your hand across your leg under the table and find that thin line you missed or that area on your knee again! No! No!

Will someone notice?  Now that’s all you think about for the rest of the evening, you can’t help but focus on it, drawing even more attention to it and now what?

Who wants to lug around a big “just in case” bag? Razors, shaving cream, a towel etc. If I told you that you never had to experience this fear again would you believe it? If you could receive the gift of long-lasting painless smooth skin would you want it? Give the gift we’ve all been begging for with the No!No! Hair Removal.

No! No!

The no!no! Pro speaks for itself with over 6 million sold already! Their patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology leaves your hair free with weeks of lasting results. My Italian heritage leaves me constantly at war with hair. I have to shave just about every day if I want to keep the stubble at bay! Have you ever been unsure about giving a gift because you’re afraid they won’t like it? With the no!no!, there’s a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee.

Product details

It’s a pretty simple 3 step system, easy and quick to use, compact and portable. First, insert the thermicon tip. Second, select the desired treatment level. Third, glide smoothly across your skin. It really is that simple! Some of the side effects caused by other hair removal processes can be inconvenient and painful.  This hair removal system is designed to leave you free from things like razor burn, ingrown hairs, cuts, odor, allergic reactions, skin irritation, pain, and inflammation. It is effective on all skin and hair types and results last much longer than some other hair removal treatments.

This hair removal method is safe for all body parts with the exception of breasts and genital region. This product is even great for on the go use. It’s small and compact, making it great for travel or to just throw in your bag, smaller than the average mobile device. Someone giving me the gift of long-lasting smooth skin is the equivalent of them giving me the gift of time itself. I spend so much extra time alone shaving and plucking I don’t even want to know the number of hours I devote to it each year. Help your loved ones end the frustration and quit pulling their hair out over being stubble free.

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Fragrance Gift Guide


Happy Monday!  How about a fragrance gift guide?  We know that picking out a fragrance for someone can be a bit scary, so we hope these two suggestions will help you along the way.  We narrowed down our lists for a fragrance for her and something for him.

Fragrance For Her

My fragrance suggestion for her is the Prada Candy Florale.  If you have smelled the original Prada candy, you know that this perfume is a really sweet smell.  I opted for something a bit lighter and a little fresher.  It’s perfect for those who love sweet, florally scents, that are very light.

Prada’s latest fragrance evolved from the concept of an imaginary flower created especially for Candy. Of course, Candy cannot simply have any flower. Her fantasy flower must be unique, embodying her many facets: the fragrance’s light airiness puts the sparkle in her, followed by tender powdery notes that echo her Spring-like grace. A final whisper of warmth and honey reflects Candy’s rich sensuality.

With three different sizes, this perfume can go from affordable to expensive.  Depending on where you purchase the fragrance from, you can get a percentage off and/or gift with purchase, especially this time of year.  This gift is perfect for a close friend, sister, and/or cousin.  As stated, fragrances are very personal,  you would need to know the person very well to pick out a perfume for them or know that it is something they actually wanted.

Fragrance For Him

I think purchasing a cologne for a man is a lot harder than purchasing a perfume for a woman.  In my experience, guys are super picky when it comes to the type of colognes they like.  For example, my father likes Acqua Di Gio, but only the deodorant stick- weird, right?  Well, I chose L’envol De Cartier.  It’s a more woodsy type cologne that isn’t too musky or strong.  I think it would smell great on most men.

L’Envol de Cartier Eau de Parfum is an airy, woody fragrance that empowers you to go beyond your limits. The nectar is imbued with Gaiac Wood and notes of honey, brought out by a wispy haze of musk. The 100 ml size is refillable thanks to the capsule, which can be removed from the glass dome.

This cologne is perfect for any man in your life, but I would aim it for a boyfriend/husband/fiance or brother.  Someone, you know very intimately, so you can make the right decision on the scent.  Although Cartier is a very luxury brand, you can find this cologne for as little as $50, making this cologne very affordable.

Alright, that’s it for tonight.  Check back later for my hair gift guide, stocking stuffers, and teen gift guide!

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Teen Girls Makeup Starter Gift Guide

My favorite kind of person to shop for when it comes to gift giving is the teenage girl. Most people hate trying to figure out what their picky moody teenagers want for Christmas and let me just tell you I absolutely cannot wait for my nieces to get a little older. I won’t be able to help myself, the stuff they have out now is so much cooler than anything we had when I was little. Girls out here nowadays are learning to contour and wing their liner when I hadn’t even heard of a blending brush.
Lisa Frank even is coming out with cosmetics now, let my teenage girl heart contain itself.  One of the most budget-friendly places to grab quality products perfect for that girl starting out who really wants to learn and have fun with it is Sephora! They carry everything a girl could need in their own brand line and make sure to have a little fun with it as well.  Read on to see our teen girls makeup starter gift guide ideas.
Sephora Collection DoubleTap Brush Set

Some of the things that have caught my eye this holiday season are these gorgeous brush sets! The Sephora Collection DoubleTap Brush Set is so pretty I can’t stop staring at it. This iridescent purple is my all time favorite color, it beautifully accompanies the gunmetal tone on the brushes. These full sized brushes in a travel-ready format are perfect for your suitcase with the hard shell zip-up case or just to throw in my bag on the go! It sounds silly but being the one everyone comes to for makeup you have no idea how many times I’ve needed a blending brush while out and didn’t have it. 
This set contains a Cheek and Highlighter Brush, a Shadow and Crease Brush, a Foundation and Buffing Brush, a Double-ended Concealer Brush, a Spoolie and Liner Brush, and a Travel Clutch. The double-ended design for the brushes allows for more use out of such a compact product. The brushes are synthetic as well as cruelty-free with a value of $135, perfect for any teen in need of a good set of starter brushes, there’s everything she could need! It’s even on sale right now on! Parents are always looking for budget-friendly buys for gifts and this one is certainly a great bang for your buck!
SEPHORA COLLECTIONDark Rainbow Ready in Five-Brush Set

An even more affordable option when it comes to great brush buys for teen girls is the Sephora Collection Dark Rainbow Ready in Five-Brush Set. Like many teens, girls glitter is one of my all-time favorite things. This blue toned purple glitter hard case clutch is absolutely stunning, and the purple handled brushes are such a beautiful bonus! Something this pretty could almost double as a bag on a night out.

At a $55 value, you get a Powder Brush, a Tapered Crease Brush, a Mini Shadow Brush, a Liner Brush, and a Travel Clutch all
on sale for half off at just $14! These hard cases are great, I love them for any brushes I have to carry on the go. So many times
I’ve reached into my makeup bag to find that the brush I need has bristles smushed all out of shape in every direction. These cases keep brushes intact safe and sound. Often I’ll even keep them to throw my more expensive brushes in to protect them in my suitcase. At such a low cost getting so many pieces is almost an investment as a gift for a teen. This case is so pretty I’d recommend just tying a bow on it and plopping it under the tree, but hey, I’m a fan of keeping things simple.
SEPHORA COLLECTIONEasy on the Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

When it comes to keeping things simple the is created to do just that! With a mix of 30 different matte and metallic shades, this palette is perfect for the average teenage girl.  These shades are great for someone starting out in makeup, mainly due to the many transitions and blending shades the palette has to offer as well as not forgetting about those pops of color every young girl desires! With offering so many shades these shadows can offer every kind of look her creative heart desires. The numbered shades are great for tutorials or remembering which combos went with what looks. The designers of this palette must have had the makeup novice in mind when arranging the layout grouping shades by tone and depth.

This is a deal hard to pass up at a $145 value on sale for just $19! The packaging is pretty in pink and even includes a mirror in the palette which is a necessity for me. I think this palette would make a great gift for any younger girl this Christmas, much better quality than those old color mates sets I used to get!
SEPHORA collection Fox In The Box Sponge Set

An easy gift to add in while you’re shopping at Sephora is the Sephora Collection Fox in a Box Sponge Set. This set is budget friendly as its currently on sale online. Also, it includes 3 sponges for half the price of one sponge from other comparable brands.

It comes with a small, medium, and large sponge as well as the cute packaging which makes gift wrapping a cinch since you could just hang it right there on the tree. These ergonomic blending sponges assist for a streak-free buildable makeup application, just right for the young makeup adventurer. Their shape allows easy access to hard to reach spots. The sponges are made out of polyurethane and completely latex free. Using the sponges wet can allow for better control of coverage during application. The
wetter the sponge the sheerer the coverage. This set could be a great stocking stuffer or even good to throw in a bag with a less expensive gift as an add-on.
I’ve found some great products hidden in Sephora’s own line. I suggest even giving them a try yourself! All of the these would be amazing for a young gal to open on Christmas day, but your aunt or best friend may even love them too! I know I have my eye on these brush sets for sure! So get on down to your Sephora before they’re all sold out and give a gift to help that gal sparkle all her own this Christmas!

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HP Sprocket 2-in-1


We are back at it again with a review and gift guide idea for a tween, teen, and everyone in between.  Every so often we gotta change it up and bring new and innovative things to the table.  I was given the opportunity to review the new HP Sprocket 2-in-1 camera/printer.

HP Sprocket 2-in-1

If you are not familiar with the HP Sprocket, then let me tell you a little bit about it.  The HP Sprocket is a smartphone printer that can connect to your cell phone via blue-tooth.  It uses a special printer paper that allows for instant photos to capture memories-without having to worry about ink cartridges.

HP wanted to provide the convenience of the smartphone printer and camera in one.  They created the HP Sprocket 2-in-1.  You still get the same functionality of the regular HP Sprocket, but with the 2-in-1, you don’t have to lug around your phone if you don’t want to or you can have the option of both.  I don’t know how many times I’ve said that I will print out photos, but just never get around to doing it.  Having the accessibility really helps with printing off photos right then and there.  You can print them out for family members, decor, or my personal favorite, planner decorations.  My love being able to look back at past dates and seeing memories on specific dates.

Smartphone printer and instant camera in one

Print in-the-moment photos wherever inspiration hits, with the, included an instant camera.

With seamless Bluetooth® connectivity, you and all your friends can connect and print.

Perfectly portable

Quickly print your smartphone and social media photos through the free HP Sprocket app.

About the size of a cell phone, this portable photo printer goes anywhere.

Easily load a 10-sheet pack and print instant 2 x 3 inch (5 x 7.6 cm) photos or stickers.

Use the HP Sprocket app to print social media photos.

A more personal app experience

Download the free HP Sprocket app to customize your photos before you print them.

Scan printed photos to view photo collection and unlock content.

Here’s what’s included with the HP Sprocket 2-in-1:

  • HP Sprocket Photo Printer
  • USB cable, wriststrap
  • HP ZINK Sticky-Backed photo paper (10-sheets)
  • Warranty sheet
  • Regulatory sheet

With the holiday season upon us and coming rather quickly, I may add, the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 would make a great gift for under the tree.  It would be a huge hit for tweens up to teens.  A lot of kids have or want the Instax camera’s, but they are too big and bulky to want to carry around. In my experience, that thing just sits as a paperweight.  The Sprocket 2-in-1 is the size of a smartphone making it easy to carry around.  May I add that it comes in the ever so trendy white and rose gold.  If you can find to get for the tween/teen in your life, grab it up quick because they are selling out.

Check back tomorrow for another gift guide idea and stay tuned for some stocking stuffer ideas for her.

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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Gift Guide For Her


Happy Wednesday!  We are back today another gift guide for her.  This gift guide is going to cover everything from beauty to a hostess gifts options.

Elemis is Britain’s number #1 skin care luxury brand and rightly so.  I remember the first time I tried Elemis at my local Nordstrom’s about 10 years ago.  I had seen the brand but had never tried any of their items.  The counter manager had hooked me in and started explaining the importance of a good skin care routine and then offered me one of the spa facials- I couldn’t pass up that opportunity!  She spent a great deal of time explaining what each product was used for and how to use it.  From that I point, I was hooked.  I would get monthly facials from her for year’s- until the Elemis counter was removed from my local Nordstrom.  Whenever I get the opportunity to purchase items, I do.

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This brand is a great gifting option because they provide basically something for everyone.  One product, in particular, is the Soothing Glow Candle.  This candle brings the fragrance from one of their top selling products to life with lavender, eucalyptus, and geranium.  The benefits of the candle are soothing, calms, and uplifts.  It makes the perfect hostess or home decor gift.  I would even include it in a gift pack with a face mask, bath bomb, and champagne for the perfect me time gift or on its own with a $33.00 price tag.


You’re probably wondering what Pop White is, well, it’s a color correcting oral care brand.  It’s peroxide and sensitivity free, clinically proven, and dentist recommended.  The Power duo set comes with a primer (toothpaste) and toner (mouthwash) for $39.00.  When used together, twice a day, consecutively for fourteen days- you will see a whitening difference of four shades.  Some other great points to this brand are:  it is made in the US, vegetarian & cruelty-free, alcohol-free, and fluoride free. This is a great practical gift for basically anyone- guy or girl.  I would gift this gift set to a friend who is a heavy coffee drinker or someone who is really big into teeth.  I know that I have numerous friends that this gift would be great for.

H20 Beauty is one of my all time favorite skincare brands for numerous reasons.  The brand has a luxury feel with a great price point. I highly recommend their gift sets for the best value and for the opportunity to try a number of different products.

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This holiday set is a top pick for me, because it contains one of my all time favorite products- Oasis hydrating treatment.  It’s a gel based moisturizer that feels amazing on the skin.  The kit also includes the Ultra Hydration Cream.

– Oasis Hydrating Treatment is clinically proven to keep your complexion  noticeably softer, smoother, and continuously hydrated for 24 hours – Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream clinically proven to relieve dry, parched skin, instantly boosting its hydration by over 100%

This duo is the perfect gift for someone with dry skin, believe me, it will help!  A huge plus is not having to wrap this gift.  The product comes ready to hang on the tree or thrown in as a stocking stuffer.

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Milk-Luxe Upon a Time-$20.00

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the scent of this collection.  It smell is light and super fresh, but smells amazing- well, at least to me.  The kit pictured above is called the Luxe Upon A Time, unfortunately, I’ve had some difficult times trying to locate this kit for you.  You can find this kit or similar at Ulta, Kohl’s, and the Skinstore or for a bit more you can purchase the Milk Body Duo from the H2O beauty website.

This combination cleanses and luxuriously hydrates while indulging your senses with clean fresh aromas. Dry skin is no match for the creamy moisturizing powers of this duo.

This kit makes a perfect secret Santa gift, hostess gift, or a gift for any friend or family member.  Because who doesn’t love taking bubble baths and having soft skin?  I would also suggest throwing in one of H20 beauty’s face masks to make it a complete me time kit.



CocoRoo is an all natural skincare brand created by an American mother who was tired of all the extra ingredients in products.  Jill, the founder of CocoRoo, has taken the time to select the right ingredients to make the perfect blend of product.  The great thing about CocoRoo is that the products only have three to four all natural ingredients in each product.  Do you want to know how natural the products are?  It’s so natural that you could eat it.  Not saying you would want to, but if needed, you could.  

CocoRoo® Naturally Naked™ Coconut Oil Moisturizer & Coffee Scrub-$30.00

This holiday season CocoRoo has come out with a few different gift sets.  You can choose to go for the top selling coffee scrub or mix and match with one of the moisturizers.  I opted for the coffee scrub and moisturizer in coconut.

Our amazing Total ReJavanation™ coffee scrub with organic coffee beans and Naturally Naked™, our original USDA Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil with added Cold-Pressed Macadamia Nut Oil. Nature’s finest moisturizer in a tube.

This duo makes a great gift for a yourself, friend, or co-worker.  It’s a universal gift that even a guy might like. I know, I know- not all men will like it, but some might.


Flirt Cosmetics a new stand-alone brand created by Estee Lauder and backed by Amber Rose and David Robertson.  Estee Lauder wanted to try and  launch a brand fully made famous by digital influencers on social media and e-commerce.   Starting out with just false lashes, this company has grown to create lipsticks, eye shadows, and eyeliners.

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Flashes Lash Applicator-$28.00

The Flirt lash applicator holds up to 40 lash buds at any given time to create a customizable lash look. You can apply as little or as much lashes you want, so create an everyday look or super glam.

Flashes is Flirt’s ground-breaking product. A false lash applicator with patent-pending design and technology that gives instantly sexy, flirty eyes that are bold, fuss free and fresh. This revolutionary self-contained storage and applicator package dispenses false lash buds, allowing you to customize your lash look, by applying as many or as few lashes as you want to, all in a just a flash!

This item is a perfect addition to a stocking for you makeup loving friend or for someone who loves false lashes and may not be very good application, like me!  I would also say it’s perfect for a makeup artist to add to their kit or easy application on a client.


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Muva Mouth Matte Liquid Lipstick

As stated above, Flirt Cosmetics has some great lipsticks. My top pick from the brand are the Muva Mouth matte liquid lipsticks.  It’s light weight formula with a velvety feel.   These liquid lipsticks are pigmented and are supposed to hold color for up to 8 hours.  I can tell you that they are relatively easy to remove.  They also come in array of colors.  My favorites are nudes or my lips but better shades.

Power your pout with this full coverage, ulti-matte lightweight, creamy formula that envelops the lip with a liquid velvet sensation.
Developed with Amber Rose, these must-have shades lay down intensely pigmented color that lasts up to 8 hours to help shape & define for gorgeously flirty lips.

Lipsticks are great gifts for just about  anyone.  Perfect for you girlfriends.  You can pick out a shade for each friend and throw it in a cute makeup bag with some other goodies or throw it in as a stocking stuffer.  I know I would love to have more of these for my collection.


Tweezerman is private company based out of New York that sells consumer and professional beauty tools.  I would say one of the top, if not the top in beauty, especially in brow tools.  Tweezerman tweezers are used throughout Benefit Cosmetics beauty bars.  This is another brand I look forward to each year, because they come out some of the best holiday gift sets.  Their sets are practical and chic.

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Sparkle & Shine Gift Set- $48.00

This gift set is perfectly on trend for this season with a  blush pink makeup up bag, rose gold glitter tweezers, and a rose gold eyelash curler.

Our new gift set hypnotizes with a dazzling rose gold glitter Slant Tweezers paired with the warm, blushing rose gold glow of our Pro curl Lash Curler. Luxe, faux-snakeskin travel bag in a soft rose-petal pink included.

This is the perfect gift for her to add into her makeup routine.  She’ll have beautiful new tweezers and lash curler to make sure brows are on point and lashes are curled.


Tropical Apothecary is a brand that I am new to, but since discovering it, has been a constant in my weekly bath time routine.  They have a wide range of products ranging from bath, skin, hair, and sun recovery products. Being islander, I have a deep love for a lot of their products, because of the smell.  What can I say, it reminds me of home.

Bath Rituals – $24.00

Bath salts are one of my favorite things to put into a bath for so many reason, but the main reason is for relaxation.  Let’s not forget fragrance it gives.  Apply a face mask and you are set for some “me time”.

Made from authentic, naturally farmed Sea Salt from the island of Moloka’i, Maui Sugar Cane and Coconut Milk.  Infused with our unique synergetic healing blend of Organic and WildcraftedHawaiian Healing Botanical Distillates (Hawaiian Seaweeds, Aloe Vera, Sugar Cane, Bamboo, Banana, Noni, Mamaki, Olena and Taro).  Our bath rituals will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin while relaxing sore, aching muscles.

You can gift any of Tropical Apothecary’s items to friends or co-workers who need that little to nudge to take time for themselves.  I aim for my stressed out friends, mommy friends who don’t even remember what alone time is.

That’s it for my gift guide her.  I hope you enjoyed my picks from some brand favorites, while introducing you to some new brands that I know you will love.  Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another gift guide on hair care items, a gift guide for him, and a teen a teen gift guide.

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Hair Care Gift Guide


Happy Thursday!  We apologize that this guide has to go up for the second time.  For some reason, our post disappeared with all our updated content in regards to our hair care gift guide and gifts for him due to a server error.  We hope you enjoy our picks for the hair lovers in your life.

The HOLIDAYS Dynamic Duo

The first up on our gift pick is the Dynamic Brush Duo by Hotheads.  This duo set is a great practical gift containing a full-size paddle brush that is multi-use.  It’s great for detangling hair, wet or dry, and blow drying. The paddle brush, if used correctly, can be great for improving circulation and removing build-up and dirt.

You will also receive a mini-sized brush that is perfect for on-the-go in your purse or gym bag.  I carry it with me everywhere, especially when traveling.  The little brush does everything the full-size does, plus it’s great for batt combing for extra lift.

This gift is perfect as a stocking stuffer or a gift under the tree.  It comes pre-wrapped in a pretty organza bag.

 Nourishing Moisture Masque and Oil Treatment Duo

Macadamia professional has curated a mini stocking stuffer set that is perfect for anyone with medium to coarse hair.  In this duo, you get a moisture mask and hair oil.  These are two of my favorite products because they work perfectly for someone who has coarse hair.


  • Nourishing Moisture Masque 8 oz
  • Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment 4.2 oz

This perfect duo gives medium to coarse hair ultra-hydration from root to ends, leaving hair detangled, silky, and frizz-free. The combination of the masque and the oil treatment provides the ultimate repairing, reconstructing, and hydrating treatment the hair needs. It boosts hair health, shine, and elasticity.

Another great thing about this duo is that it comes with a pretty bag, so no need to wrap!  I am totally all about products, I do not have to wrap, lol.  Unfortunately, I was not able to locate this gift set on anymore.  However, you might still be able to get it in store.

Revlon Essentials



Another great stocking stuffer for any woman, teen girl, or girl is hair ties. Some of my favorites are the hair coils.  It gives a little bit of a twist to the everyday hair tie.  If you have thick hair like I do, then these hair ties are perfect for keeping the look.  They are great for ponytails and buns.  The best part is they will not leave creases in your hair like normal hair ties do.

You can locate them at Walmart, Target, or any drugstore location.  They are under $5 making them really affordable.



We have provided some practical gifting and stocking stuffer ideas with a little luxury.  All these items are affordable and are easily accessible so whether you get your shopping done ahead of time or last minute- you will be all set.

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Gift Ideas For Him

If you’re anything like me or my mom then you struggle with the broken record question every year of what do we get dad for Christmas? More undies? Socks? While everyone could always use a refresh in undergarments, it doesn’t exactly scream “I’m thinking of you.” I’ve tried to make it my personal goal from now on to do better with men’s gifts. Some of the options I’ve found this Holiday season will be great gift ideas for him.

Gift Ideas For Him

Bulldog Skincare
Let’s start with a doggone good set from our friends at Bulldog Skincare for Men. The BullDog Skincare Trio Set is perfect for the men on your shopping list this Christmas. Very much like the puppers in my life the men have very little idea about self-maintenance. If they could, they’d lick their face and paws clean and be done with it. That’s why this basic skincare line that keeps it simple is just right for them! (The men of course, not the dogs.)
This set includes Original Face Wash 150ml 5.0 fl. oz. Original Face Scrub 125ml 4.2 fl. oz. and Original Moisturizer 100ml 3.3 fl. oz. These products are no bull, they work efficiently and effectively, a man’s dream. They contain aloe vera, green tea, camelina oil and no artificial colors, which makes them great for everyday use for the everyday man with a normal skin type.
These are all cruelty-free so they will be great for the animal lover in your life, and who can resist that adorabull wrinkly face on the packaging? This kit is specially designed to do exactly what it looks like the face wash cleanses, the scrub exfoliates, and the moisturizer hydrates without leaving that face fur all greasy.  None of the BullDog Skincare products include parabens or synthetic fragrances. After he lets his dog clean his face, Bulldog will do the true cleansing. Your man’s face is just barking for an improved daily routine and this kit is the right place to get him started.
Where To Buy
We know how men can be, sometimes they need a little encouragement and training. So walk that guy on your list into a new skincare regimen this Christmas with BullDog Skincare for Men’s Skincare Trio Set which can be located at for a budget-friendly price, use your Target card for an additional 5% off!
BROO Craft Beer Hair+Bod
This next set I need about 20 of since its perfect for almost every dude I know. I’m sure you haven’t missed it, you know, the craft beer craze that’s been flooding the U.S. over the last couple years. If you’re like Jacki and live in an area like Portland the craft beer fad couldn’t have been missed, they’re everywhere! I even live right down the street from the Monroe Rivertown Barrel House, and I live in a smaller town now. They have some amazing BBQ style tacos and I love the Rivertown Blueberry Lager! If you’re ever in the Cincinnati/Dayton area I’d definitely recommend stopping in for a pint! Such a large selection to choose from, and free pinball for the kids!
Too bad it’s Limited Edition since it’s such the perfect gift! The people at BROO Craft Beer Hair+Bod have been brewing up an all natural crafty gift for the beer loving men you’ve been shopping for! The Limited Edition BROO Holiday Gift set includes the Thickening Shampoo 8.5oz, Thickening Conditioner 8.5oz, and a 16oz Top-of-the-line pint glass by Klean Kanteen. These products are made up of over 50% premium craft beer, created for your locks to drink up giving hydrating life to fine flat hair. These beer infused products give hair volume, strength, and shine by quenching its thirst for caffeine, aloe, vitamin B, barley proteins, and minerals. This is such a genius way to provide a natural alternative route for detangling rather than coating your hair with a bitter fake silicone substance.
What It Has To Offer
Reading this I’m sure you’re thinking 50% beer, are they nuts? Who wants to get pulled over and field tested over the scent of their hair? Let me assure you, that the amazingly fresh Citrus Creme scent keeps you from smelling like you just crawled off the bar floor. With hints of orange, grapefruit, and vanilla cream this kit actually has no beer smell at all, well until you fill up your Klean Kanteen pint glass. Although a man’s glass should never be empty, I’d recommend washing it between uses. Some men seem to think beer is the cure for everything.
All Natural?
With this kit being non-GMO, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Color-Safe, containing no Harsh Preservatives, no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no silicones, no dyes, no artificial fragrance, no polyquaterniums, no harsh preservatives, no phenoxyethanol, no PEGs, no propylene glycol, no DEAs, no MEAs, no TEAs, and no dioxane it leaves you with no chemical hangover! Why not give him a pint for him and one for his hair?
Gift Ideas
A great way to get even craftier with this gift is to create a gift basket with their favorite brew! I love that this kit doesn’t already include the beer so that you can select one yourself. Craft beer is a picky thing, they’re all so different and everyone likes their own choice. If you know their top pick you could pick up some to include or include your’s for them to enjoy. Many breweries have their own restaurants as well. Including a gift card to the brewery itself would be a great bonus to add to your gift! A basket of brewed treats is perfect to toast off the end of the year with a fun festive personalized gift crafted especially for that guy on your list. Brew up some memories this holiday with a gift they’ll actually use and never forget. This set can be found at your local Walmart. Other great info on the BROO brand can be found on


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Gifts For Her: Skin Care Options


Hello, beauties! Are you looking for some good skin care options for the women in your life?  I have a few brands to go through that would be great options for different skin types and at different price points.  Like fragrances, purchasing skincare can be a bit intimate.  I recommend only purchasing skincare items for people you absolutely know or if you know the giftees skincare concerns.  Keep reading for some gifts for her: skin care options.


Schique is a brand that was created in 2014 by Board-Certified Medical Doctor Jacqueline Schaffer.  Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer was inspired to create a cosmetic that was as good for you in on the inside and outside.  This was brought about after watching her mother battle skin cancer twice.  Her main focus was to create a line that is naturally based, clinically backed, and scientifically proven.

With the holidays, Schique has some great gift sets available.  One, in particular, would be the Best of Schique.  This gift set has the best the brand has to offer and a great set for someone starting a skincare regime or perfect for someone who already has a detailed routine, but would love to try different products.  I, for one, am a huge skincare junkie and love testing out new items and new brands.  Schique is a brand that I have never heard of before, but I love the story behind the brand and the fact that the products actually work.

There are so many ways to gift this product, I would suggest getting a cute Christmas themed basket, throw in some stuffing, set up the products with a hand band to keep the products out of the way, and a cute candle and wrap it in a cellophane bag.  It will make a beautiful addition to under the tree.  The best part is this kit is originally $108 but is on sale for $49.00.  That is more than half off, making this gift a great value and affordable.

Intuitive Restoration Renewing Mask

Radiant Glow Daily Face Scrub

Brilliantly Firm Firming Serum

Lumistone Hydration Face Moisturizer


Queen Helene

Queen Helene is a brand that has been around since 1930 curating products for professional and personal use.  This is a brand that has been committed to creating a full beauty line ranging from skin, hair, foot, and bath and at an affordable price.  Fun fact:  they still create items that have been apart of their original products.  I think it’s safe to say with 80 years of experience under their belt, Queen Helene is a leading brand in the beauty industry.

Some favorites of the brand are their masques and scrubs.  Their newest product is the Volcanic Ash Masque.  This product is great at pulling out impurities from deep within our skin to allow for refreshed skin.  It’s perfect for all skin types- but as a recommendation, if you have super dry skin, I would suggest using it about twice a week at most.

Another great option for this brand will be the Mint Julep Mask or scrub. Mint Julep is great for someone with oily skin and/or acne-prone skin.  The masque, in particular, is original to the brand that will help absorb oil and minimize pores.

Items like this are perfect as stocking stuffers, co-worker gifts, and are an affordable gift to bring to “A few of my favorite things parties”.  If you have never been to one of these parties, I would highly suggest attending or throwing one.  What you do is get a bunch of girlfriends together for a party.  Everyone will bring enough of their favorite items to share at the party.   These masques and scrubs are around $3.50 a pop.  Super affordable and great quality!



This brand is really innovative with another great story.  This brand started out as a dream for two soccer players to create a superfood natural brand.  YesTo’s products are at least 95% all natural and can be found at over 27,000 stores.  YesTo has over ten different collections for all skin types, but I am happy to announce that I have used products from all the lines and have had no issues with any of the products.   I say this because I have super sensitive skin with lots of allergies.  I’ve been extremely lucky these past few years to not have any episodes.  A constant in my skincare routine is YesTo’s face wipes and face masks.

Speaking of face masks, YesTo has some great holiday sets out right now that can be found exclusively at Target and Walmart.  They have smaller gift sets that would make great stocking stuffers or bigger kits that would make great gifts for under the tree.

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The two I picked out is the Ultimate Masking kit and the Super Detox Skin Care Kit.  The Ultimate Masking kit comes with Single Use Charcoal Paper Mask, Tomatoes Paper Mask, Cucumbers Mud Mask, Coconut Mud Mask and Charcoal Mud Mask.  The mask gift set can be located at any Target location for $9.99.

*Target currently has a special.  Purchase one-holiday beauty gift set and get another for 50% off.  Also, don’t forget to sign up for a Target debit to get an extra 5% off.  I, personally, would recommend purchasing the items online for free in-store pickup and use Ebates for extra cashback*

The Super Detox Skin Care kit can be located at Walmart for $9.99 as well. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate via the Walmart website.  If you are able to locate it, you are able to order online for free in-store pickup as well.

Any of these kits would make great gifts under the tree.  I would suggest purchasing the mask kit and breaking it up into smaller gift sets for co-workers or girlfriends.  You a separate the masks, add in a bath bomb, candle, and a favorite drink- Perfect Spa night gift!  We all know that me time is super important.

Clarisonic Mia2 Kit with IT Cosmetics

The Clarisonic is a cult favorite in the beauty world.  Clarisonic is a two-speed facial cleansing device that can be used for cleansing and exfoliate your skin.  There are different models and different attachments that you can purchase with it.  It Cosmetics has partnered with Clarisonic this holiday season to bring you an amazing holiday set.


  • Mia 2 provides patented sonic oscillation technology with two cleansing speeds: “Delicate” and “Universal”
  • Clarisonic cleanses 6X better than hands alone in just 60 seconds

Confidence Boost Holiday Gift Set: Mia 2 and IT Cosmetics includes:

  • Mia 2 cleansing device
  •  Cleanser (0.67 oz.)
  • IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream (0.5 oz.)
  • IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream (0.17 oz.)

This kit has a $207 value for $169. It will make a great gift for your mom, sister, sister-in-law, or teen daughter.  It is never too early to start your kids with a good skincare routine. That’s why this kit would be perfect!

Stocking Stuffers

Do you need a quick, but good gift idea?  Something that says, Yes, I did put a little thought into your gift?  Then check out this gift set from Philosophy Purity Party Double Duty Cleansing Duo.  Purity is a great face cleanser for every skin type.  Also, micellar water has been all the rage, so it doesn’t surprise me that  Philosophy wanted to create one as well.

 Party Double Duty Cleansing Duo includes:

  • Purity Made Simple One-Step Cleanser (3.0 oz.)
  • Purity Made Simple Micellar Cleansing Water (3.4 oz.)

This is the perfect little gift for a secret Santa, co-worker gift exchange, or as a stocking stuffer.  It gives them the opportunity to try a great skincare brand.  Did I mention that this gift is only $12.00?  Super affordable, right?

Well, loves I hope you enjoyed my top skincare gift guide items.  Be on the lookout for some great skincare stocking stuffer ideas next and some gift guide ideas for him.






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Party Pooper: White Elephant or Host Gift Idea


Poo-Pourri is that perfect gift this holiday. It may seem like the unconventional choice but, let’s really think about this. It’s holiday season, PARTY TIME! We all get invited to those wonderful holiday parties with friends or family, it’s last minute, “Oh crap!” you forgot to get the hostess a gift. What do you bring them, another bottle of wine? No time to bake cookies. I know! How about a bottle of Poo-Pourri!

It’s the perfect hostess gift. How many of you have friends who feel weird about going potty outside of their home? Imagine if you could give them a gift that could help them feel more comfortable going while they’re at your place. The perfect hostess is always concerned that everyone feels welcome and comfy in her home. What better way to help her than to give her a solution to a problem she probably hasn’t even thought about. Poo-Pourri is all natural and free of alcohol, parabens, aerosol, phthalates, formaldehyde, and synthetic fragrance.


How does it work? Before you go just spray the water into the toilet bowl with your Poo-Pourri. The mist will create a thin film on top of the water, this acts as a barrier for scents thus, trapping the smell under the film. This means you are able to prevent a smell rather than trying to cover it up, which is why I believe this product works so well!

Poo-Pourri is a company that is not only worried about your nose. They are a health-conscious company, they’re all natural product is safe for you to breathe in, as well as safe for the water supply.


This makes this the perfect gift for just about anyone. Even the most health aware organic crazy moms will like this gift because they know it’s safe for their family and home. It may sound strange but this stuff really works, test it out for yourself! It comes in a variety of scents so there’s something for everyone, also travel sizes! There are even cute gift sets for those party poopers!