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Multi-Beauty Aide


If you are into all natural, affordable, multi-use products then  Radha Beauty 100% pure fractionated Coconut Oil is a must have for you! The Radha Beauty coconut oil is odorless, colorless, non-greasy, and stainless. Their coconut oil is a cruelty-free product, with a variety of uses, but is meant explicitly for external use. Coconut oil generally comes in a solid state and melts into a liquid when exposed to any heat such as your own body temperature.


Fractioned Coconut Oil

I tried this product in a few different ways. First, I used it to shave with in the shower which worked extremely well and left my skin feeling moisturized. I also tried it as a lotion which left my skin feeling amazing. As a makeup remover, it worked pretty well but it took a little extra effort to remove my mascara.

It works amazingly as a massage oil, my boyfriend has sciatic nerve pain and I massage him daily to help reduce the pain. It works well as a tanning oil, I particularly like it to tan, because it’s more of a dry oil and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and oiled up. I know many people use it as a facial moisturizer, but I wouldn’t recommend it for people with oily skin like me as it may add to the oil issue and break you out as it did with me after a few days of use. One of my favorite ways to use coconut oil is to create body scrubs with it, these are great for exfoliating the skin (I’ll be posting my personal recipe for yall soon!)

I also used it as a hair mask, I have very long hair and I’m always looking for ways to keep it moisturized. One helpful tip I do have for anyone who uses it this way is to make sure you distribute it evenly throughout your hair and to rinse it well afterward or your hair can seem oily after. It also works as a hair oil after you shower.  I would suggest doing this while your hair is still wet. Putting it in a spray bottle may be helpful for this to help even distribution. It leaves your hair so silky and shiny.





Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has so many uses it would be hard to make an argument against buying it. It can replace many items in your beauty stash and many others around the house as well. This makes it extremely cost-effective. You can even use it on your pet to give them a silky shiny coat. Coconut oils are used for everything from cooking to oil pulling.  There are some uses I have yet to try like aromatherapy, making soaps, lotions, ointments, and as an antiseptic/disinfectant. There are literally over a hundred uses for coconut oil, whats your favorite?