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Teen Girls Makeup Starter Gift Guide

My favorite kind of person to shop for when it comes to gift giving is the teenage girl. Most people hate trying to figure out what their picky moody teenagers want for Christmas and let me just tell you I absolutely cannot wait for my nieces to get a little older. I won’t be able to help myself, the stuff they have out now is so much cooler than anything we had when I was little. Girls out here nowadays are learning to contour and wing their liner when I hadn’t even heard of a blending brush.
Lisa Frank even is coming out with cosmetics now, let my teenage girl heart contain itself.  One of the most budget-friendly places to grab quality products perfect for that girl starting out who really wants to learn and have fun with it is Sephora! They carry everything a girl could need in their own brand line and make sure to have a little fun with it as well.  Read on to see our teen girls makeup starter gift guide ideas.
Sephora Collection DoubleTap Brush Set

Some of the things that have caught my eye this holiday season are these gorgeous brush sets! The Sephora Collection DoubleTap Brush Set is so pretty I can’t stop staring at it. This iridescent purple is my all time favorite color, it beautifully accompanies the gunmetal tone on the brushes. These full sized brushes in a travel-ready format are perfect for your suitcase with the hard shell zip-up case or just to throw in my bag on the go! It sounds silly but being the one everyone comes to for makeup you have no idea how many times I’ve needed a blending brush while out and didn’t have it. 
This set contains a Cheek and Highlighter Brush, a Shadow and Crease Brush, a Foundation and Buffing Brush, a Double-ended Concealer Brush, a Spoolie and Liner Brush, and a Travel Clutch. The double-ended design for the brushes allows for more use out of such a compact product. The brushes are synthetic as well as cruelty-free with a value of $135, perfect for any teen in need of a good set of starter brushes, there’s everything she could need! It’s even on sale right now on! Parents are always looking for budget-friendly buys for gifts and this one is certainly a great bang for your buck!
SEPHORA COLLECTIONDark Rainbow Ready in Five-Brush Set

An even more affordable option when it comes to great brush buys for teen girls is the Sephora Collection Dark Rainbow Ready in Five-Brush Set. Like many teens, girls glitter is one of my all-time favorite things. This blue toned purple glitter hard case clutch is absolutely stunning, and the purple handled brushes are such a beautiful bonus! Something this pretty could almost double as a bag on a night out.

At a $55 value, you get a Powder Brush, a Tapered Crease Brush, a Mini Shadow Brush, a Liner Brush, and a Travel Clutch all
on sale for half off at just $14! These hard cases are great, I love them for any brushes I have to carry on the go. So many times
I’ve reached into my makeup bag to find that the brush I need has bristles smushed all out of shape in every direction. These cases keep brushes intact safe and sound. Often I’ll even keep them to throw my more expensive brushes in to protect them in my suitcase. At such a low cost getting so many pieces is almost an investment as a gift for a teen. This case is so pretty I’d recommend just tying a bow on it and plopping it under the tree, but hey, I’m a fan of keeping things simple.
SEPHORA COLLECTIONEasy on the Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

When it comes to keeping things simple the is created to do just that! With a mix of 30 different matte and metallic shades, this palette is perfect for the average teenage girl.  These shades are great for someone starting out in makeup, mainly due to the many transitions and blending shades the palette has to offer as well as not forgetting about those pops of color every young girl desires! With offering so many shades these shadows can offer every kind of look her creative heart desires. The numbered shades are great for tutorials or remembering which combos went with what looks. The designers of this palette must have had the makeup novice in mind when arranging the layout grouping shades by tone and depth.

This is a deal hard to pass up at a $145 value on sale for just $19! The packaging is pretty in pink and even includes a mirror in the palette which is a necessity for me. I think this palette would make a great gift for any younger girl this Christmas, much better quality than those old color mates sets I used to get!
SEPHORA collection Fox In The Box Sponge Set

An easy gift to add in while you’re shopping at Sephora is the Sephora Collection Fox in a Box Sponge Set. This set is budget friendly as its currently on sale online. Also, it includes 3 sponges for half the price of one sponge from other comparable brands.

It comes with a small, medium, and large sponge as well as the cute packaging which makes gift wrapping a cinch since you could just hang it right there on the tree. These ergonomic blending sponges assist for a streak-free buildable makeup application, just right for the young makeup adventurer. Their shape allows easy access to hard to reach spots. The sponges are made out of polyurethane and completely latex free. Using the sponges wet can allow for better control of coverage during application. The
wetter the sponge the sheerer the coverage. This set could be a great stocking stuffer or even good to throw in a bag with a less expensive gift as an add-on.
I’ve found some great products hidden in Sephora’s own line. I suggest even giving them a try yourself! All of the these would be amazing for a young gal to open on Christmas day, but your aunt or best friend may even love them too! I know I have my eye on these brush sets for sure! So get on down to your Sephora before they’re all sold out and give a gift to help that gal sparkle all her own this Christmas!

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Gift Guide For Her


Happy Wednesday!  We are back today another gift guide for her.  This gift guide is going to cover everything from beauty to a hostess gifts options.

Elemis is Britain’s number #1 skin care luxury brand and rightly so.  I remember the first time I tried Elemis at my local Nordstrom’s about 10 years ago.  I had seen the brand but had never tried any of their items.  The counter manager had hooked me in and started explaining the importance of a good skin care routine and then offered me one of the spa facials- I couldn’t pass up that opportunity!  She spent a great deal of time explaining what each product was used for and how to use it.  From that I point, I was hooked.  I would get monthly facials from her for year’s- until the Elemis counter was removed from my local Nordstrom.  Whenever I get the opportunity to purchase items, I do.

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This brand is a great gifting option because they provide basically something for everyone.  One product, in particular, is the Soothing Glow Candle.  This candle brings the fragrance from one of their top selling products to life with lavender, eucalyptus, and geranium.  The benefits of the candle are soothing, calms, and uplifts.  It makes the perfect hostess or home decor gift.  I would even include it in a gift pack with a face mask, bath bomb, and champagne for the perfect me time gift or on its own with a $33.00 price tag.


You’re probably wondering what Pop White is, well, it’s a color correcting oral care brand.  It’s peroxide and sensitivity free, clinically proven, and dentist recommended.  The Power duo set comes with a primer (toothpaste) and toner (mouthwash) for $39.00.  When used together, twice a day, consecutively for fourteen days- you will see a whitening difference of four shades.  Some other great points to this brand are:  it is made in the US, vegetarian & cruelty-free, alcohol-free, and fluoride free. This is a great practical gift for basically anyone- guy or girl.  I would gift this gift set to a friend who is a heavy coffee drinker or someone who is really big into teeth.  I know that I have numerous friends that this gift would be great for.

H20 Beauty is one of my all-time favorite skincare brands for numerous reasons.  The brand has a luxury feel with a great price point. I highly recommend their gift sets for the best value and for the opportunity to try a number of different products.

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This holiday set is a top pick for me because it contains one of my all-time favorite products- Oasis hydrating treatment.  It’s a gel based moisturizer that feels amazing on the skin.  The kit also includes the Ultra Hydration Cream.

– Oasis Hydrating Treatment is clinically proven to keep your complexion  noticeably softer, smoother, and continuously hydrated for 24 hours – Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream clinically proven to relieve dry, parched skin, instantly boosting its hydration by over 100%

This duo is the perfect gift for someone with dry skin, believe me, it will help!  A huge plus is not having to wrap this gift.  The product comes ready to hang on the tree or thrown in as a stocking stuffer.

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Milk-Luxe Upon a Time-$20.00

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the scent of this collection.  It smells is light and super fresh, but smells amazing- well, at least to me.  The kit pictured above is called the Luxe Upon A Time, unfortunately, I’ve had some difficult times trying to locate this kit for you.  You can find this kit or similar at Ulta, Kohl’s, and the Skinstore or for a bit more you can purchase the Milk Body Duo from the H2O beauty website.

This combination cleanses and luxuriously hydrates while indulging your senses with clean fresh aromas. Dry skin is no match for the creamy moisturizing powers of this duo.

This kit makes a perfect secret Santa gift, hostess gift, or a gift for any friend or family member.  Because who doesn’t love taking bubble baths and having soft skin?  I would also suggest throwing in one of H20 beauty’s face masks to make it a complete me time kit.



CocoRoo is an all natural skincare brand created by an American mother who was tired of all the extra ingredients in products.  Jill, the founder of CocoRoo, has taken the time to select the right ingredients to make the perfect blend of product.  The great thing about CocoRoo is that the products only have three to four all-natural ingredients in each product.  Do you want to know how natural the products are?  It’s so natural that you could eat it.  Not saying you would want to, but if needed, you could.  

CocoRoo® Naturally Naked™ Coconut Oil Moisturizer & Coffee Scrub-$30.00

This holiday season CocoRoo has come out with a few different gift sets.  You can choose to go for the top-selling coffee scrub or mix and match with one of the moisturizers.  I opted for the coffee scrub and moisturizer in coconut.

Our amazing Total ReJavanation™ coffee scrub with organic coffee beans and Naturally Naked™, our original USDA Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil with added Cold-Pressed Macadamia Nut Oil. Nature’s finest moisturizer in a tube.

This duo makes a great gift for yourself, friend, or co-worker.  It’s a universal gift that even a guy might like. I know, I know- not all men will like it, but some might.


Flirt Cosmetics a new stand-alone brand created by Estee Lauder and backed by Amber Rose and David Robertson.  Estee Lauder wanted to try and launch a brand fully made famous by digital influencers on social media and e-commerce.   Starting out with just false lashes, this company has grown to create lipsticks, eyeshadows, and eyeliners.

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Flashes Lash Applicator-$28.00

The Flirt lash applicator holds up to 40 lash buds at any given time to create a customizable lash look. You can apply as little or as many lashes you want, to create an everyday look or super glam.

Flashes is Flirt’s ground-breaking product. A false lash applicator with patent-pending design and technology that gives instantly sexy, flirty eyes that are bold, fuss free and fresh. This revolutionary self-contained storage and applicator package dispenses false lash buds, allowing you to customize your lash look, by applying as many or as few lashes as you want to, all in a just a flash!

This item is a perfect addition to a stocking for your makeup loving friend or for someone who loves false lashes and may not be a very good application, like me!  I would also say it’s perfect for a makeup artist to add to their kit for easy application on a client.


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Muva Mouth Matte Liquid Lipstick

As stated above, Flirt Cosmetics has some great lipsticks. My top pick from the brand is the Muva Mouth matte liquid lipsticks.  It’s lightweight formula with a velvety feel.   These liquid lipsticks are pigmented and are supposed to hold color for up to 8 hours.  I can tell you that they are relatively easy to remove.  They also come in an array of colors.  My favorites are nudes or my lips but better shades.

Power your pout with this full coverage, ulti-matte lightweight, creamy formula that envelops the lip with a liquid velvet sensation.
Developed with Amber Rose, these must-have shades lay down intensely pigmented color that lasts up to 8 hours to help shape & define for gorgeously flirty lips.

Lipsticks are great gifts for just about anyone.  Perfect for your girlfriends.  You can pick out a shade for each friend and throw it in a cute makeup bag with some other goodies or throw it in as a stocking stuffer.  I know I would love to have more of these for my collection.


Tweezerman is a private company based out of New York that sells consumer and professional beauty tools.  I would say one of the top, if not the top in beauty, especially in brow tools.  Tweezerman tweezers are used throughout Benefit Cosmetics beauty bars.  This is another brand I look forward to each year because they come out some of the best holiday gift sets.  Their sets are practical and chic.

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Sparkle & Shine Gift Set- $48.00

This gift set is perfectly on trend for this season with a  blush pink makeup up bag, rose gold glitter tweezers, and a rose gold eyelash curler.

Our new gift set hypnotizes with a dazzling rose gold glitter Slant Tweezers paired with the warm, blushing rose gold glow of our Pro curl Lash Curler. Luxe, faux-snakeskin travel bag in a soft rose-petal pink included.

This is the perfect gift for her to add to her makeup routine.  She’ll have beautiful new tweezers and lash curler to make sure brows are on point and lashes are curled.

BrowFood Mighty Mini Brow Trio

This gift set is great partnered with the tweezer man gift set above or on its own.  This set is great to give someone who has a hard time growing our their brows or for someone who is looking for assistance with upkeep.  Back in the early 2000’s, it was cool to have thinner brows.  Nowadays, this is not the case.  We all want thicker and fuller brows that even when no products are being used, they still look great.


Tropical Apothecary is a brand that I am new to, but since discovering it has been a constant in my weekly bath time routine.  They have a wide range of products ranging from bath, skin, hair, and sun recovery products. Being islander, I have a deep love for a lot of their products, because of the smell.  What can I say, it reminds me of home?

Bath Rituals – $24.00

Bath salts are one of my favorite things to put into a bath for so many reasons, but the main reason is for relaxation.  Let’s not forget fragrance it gives.  Apply a face mask and you are set for some “me time”.

Made from authentic, naturally farmed Sea Salt from the island of Moloka’i, Maui Sugar Cane and Coconut Milk.  Infused with our unique synergetic healing blend of Organic and WildcraftedHawaiian Healing Botanical Distillates (Hawaiian Seaweeds, Aloe Vera, Sugar Cane, Bamboo, Banana, Noni, Mamaki, Olena and Taro).  Our bath rituals will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin while relaxing sore, aching muscles.

You can gift any of Tropical Apothecary’s items to friends or co-workers who need that little to nudge to take time for themselves.  I aim for my stressed out friends, mommy friends who don’t even remember what alone time is.

That’s it for my gift guide her.  I hope you enjoyed my picks from some brand favorites while introducing you to some new brands that I know you will love.  Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another gift guide on hair care items, a gift guide for him, and a teen a teen gift guide.

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Marshall’s Beauty Haul


Happy Thursday, beauties!  We are back after a few crazy weeks of being gone.  I know, I know- we seriously have been struggling this year with the blog, but  Tia and I are trying to change and be more consistent with our posts.  If you have not seen our Facebook book or Instagram posts, we will be participating in blogmas.  We are aiming for five posts minimum a week!  We are starting off blogmas a little early with a Marshall’s beauty haul.  Read on to see what I found!

 Ole Henriksen: Truth on the glow cleansing cloths

These face wipes are $15.00 for a 30 count on the Ole Henriksen website.  I found these for $3.99.  My Marshall’s also had the green wipes, which are from the balance collection- perfect for oily, combination skin.

Even though I purchased these a month ago, my Marshall’s has still been stocking them.  Which I am super happy about.  You’re getting a high-end brand at an affordable price.






Marc Jacobs: Style Icon 3 Palette- The Shoe Gazer

At $42.00 bucks a pop, this palette was a steal for $12.99.  The palette comes with 0.14 oz. of product.  I, personally, would not have paid the full $42.00 full price- but this is a very luxe brand.  It comes in a sleek black compact and a dust bag to cover it.  Inside the dust bag, I found one of those cheap applicators.  In this area they could have splurged or left it out all together.

I was able to find a few different color combo’s, but I only picked up one.  I picked ‘The Shoe Gazer’ because it was the most wearable for me with a little pop of color.

Skinfix Hand Relief Cream

Skinfix is a Canada based skincare company.  I have tried quite a few products from them and have loved everything.  The hand relief cream retails for $15.99, but I was able to purchase these for $3.99 each.  However, I would pay the $15.99 price on this particular product, because they are that good.

The hand relief creams are free of fragrance, urea, soy, gluten, parabens & phthalates.

Check your Marshall’s!  I’ve been seeing more items from Skinfix.


Cargo Getaway Palette

I was able to locate the a few of these Cargo palettes.  Originally $34.00, but I picked up two of them for $5.99.  Yes, you read that correctly!  Great price, right?  You can create a variety of looks, ranging from an everyday neutral or a smokey glam for a night out on the town.

Cargo is an under rated brand in my opinion.  I usually don’t hear much about them, but they make some pretty great eye shadows and their swimmables line is great!  You can still locate this palette at certain Marshall’s store, but the pricing has changed to $9.99.


Well, I hope you all have enjoyed this Marshall’s haul.  If you would like full reviews on any of the products, let us know via the contact  form below.  Also, with tomorrow being December 1st, it’s the first day of blogmas for us.  So be on the look out and sign up for our newsletter!


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#Onebrandmotd- Tarte Cosmetics


We are back with another #Onebrandmotd. If you’ve been following for awhile, you know what this is all about. If not, I am talking about a beauty challenge that Gaby, from Beauty by Gaby, and myself came up with called #Onebrandmotd. I am a bit late with getting the deets up from last weeks #onebrandmotd, I figured it was better late than never.  My kids have returned home from being gone for a few weeks.  Now that the anxiety is gone from, we are getting back to routine.  Last week’s makeup of the week was Tarte Cosmetics.

Brand Challenge

For those that do not know what the brand challenge is, let me explain!   Each week Gaby and I will be doing a full face using one makeup brand. We try and cover our faces with as much of the branded makeup as we can.  This calls for creativity when creating the looks.  We have also decided to alternate between high end and drugstore to provide some more affordable options.  I am happy to announce that we have some new collab additions.  We have added two lovely ladies to the group.  You will now be able to see four different one brand looks, so be sure to check out hashtag #onebrandmotd to see the final looks on social media.

The Look
Product Details

Join in on Tarte’s campaign to stop cyberbullying with the hashtag #kissandmakeup!


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#Onebrandmotd: Marc Jacobs Beauty


We are back with another #Onebrandmotd. If you’ve been following for awhile, you know what this is all about. If not, I am talking about a beauty challenge that Gaby, from Beauty by Gaby, and myself came up with called #Onebrandmotd. This week’s brand is Marc Jacobs beauty.  Last weeks drugstore brand was Nyx cosmetics.  I am a bit behind on doing my look this week.  My kids left for two weeks to go to Korea, Guam, and the Philippines.  I am so not used them leaving for that long and overseas, so I have been a complete wreck, lol.

Brand Challenge

For those that do not know what the brand challenge is, let me explain!   Each week Gaby and I will be doing a full face using one makeup brand. We try and cover our faces with as much of the branded makeup as we can.  This calls for creativity when creating the looks.  We have also decided to alternate between high end and drugstore to provide some more affordable options.  I am happy to announce that we have some new collab additions.  We have added two lovely ladies to the group.  You will now be able to see four different one brand looks, so be sure to check out hashtag #onebrandmotd to see the final looks on social media.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

We all know the famous fashion designer, Marc Jacobs.  Marc Jacobs created his beauty line back in 2014.  Since the creation of his beauty line, there have been some amazing products made.  Starting with his foundations, high liners, and palettes to say the least.  His line is the epitome of luxury, but with a little bit of shopping around, you can find his products are places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx or take advantage of sales at Sephora.  If you are to try anything, I would suggest trying his high liner gel liners.  They are my absolute favorite!

Now, let’s get on with the look.  The pictures above show the products I used to create my look.  I know, I know.  It doesn’t look like much, but you can do a lot with what you have.

Blush, bronzer, highlight using Object of Desire palette
Eyes- about that night eyeshadow palette
Marc Jacobs gel high liner in cocoa
Highliner lip liner all over the lips

I love how this look turned out.  I loved it so much that I created it this morning for work!  It doesn’t take too much time to apply and very little product.  The highlight in the Object of Desire palette provides just the right amount of glow- think office appropriate.  The shadows are very pigmented, buttery, and easy to blend.  I also found it to be the same for the shadows in the Object of Desire as well.  I am putting all this makeup to the test to see how well it lasts.  Check back this weekend for a second #onebrandmotd featuring Marc Jacobs and for my final thoughts on the products.



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#Onebrandmotd: Nyx Cosmetics


We are back with another #Onebrandmotd. If you’ve been following for awhile, you know what this is all about. If not, I am talking about a beauty challenge that Gaby, from Beauty by Gaby, and myself came up with called #Onebrandmotd. This week brand is Nyx Cosmetics.  Last weeks high-end brand was Too faced cosmetics.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get my blog post up because of some travel mishaps during my trip Generation Beauty.  That trip is a whole other blog post, so be on the look out for that.

Brand Challenge

For those that do not know what the brand challenge is, let me explain!   Each week Gaby and I will be doing a full face using one makeup brand. We try and cover our faces with as much of the branded makeup as we can.  This calls for creativity when creating the looks.  We have also decided to alternate between high end and drugstore to provide some more affordable options.  I am happy to announce that we have some new collab additions.  We have added two lovely ladies to the group.  You will now be able to see four different one brand looks.  Check out hashtag #onebrandmotd to see the final looks on social media.

Nyx Cosmetics

Nyx cosmetics was started by Tina Ko back in 1999.  She wanted to a create a great product at an affordable price point.  It became just that.  The ever growing brand started out by just making lip pencils and eyeliners, with the Nyx jumbo eyeliner in Milk being a cult favorite.

My task was to create a simple look with a little bit of color.  I was still able to keep my look very minimal and natural looking.

  • Total Control Drop Foundation– I’ve been wanting to test out this foundation.  Luckily, I received some samples in a ULTA gift with purchase.  I found applying the foundation with a beauty blender was best.  I tested it out with a kabuki flat top, but it left streaks.  It is a medium to full coverage, with build-able capabilities.

  • Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette– I received this palette for free at Generation Beauty San Francisco and let me tell you, it was a pleasant surprise.  The colors are very pigmented and blend very well.  I was able to create a nice neutral look and do my browns using the dark brown matte color in the palette. I love multi-use products!  It’s all about being creative.

  • Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter– I received this from Generation beauty as well, but to be honest…I didn’t get much highlights from this product at all.  It was applied to my cheekbones and to my cupids bow.   I can see why they were giving it away for free and why it’s on clearance on the website for $4.90.

  • Mega Shine Lip Gloss– These glosses are an oldie but a goodie.  I love the smell, the application, and the just right amount of color.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review and quick #onebrandmotd using Nyx Cosmetics.  Check back this weekend for a night time look using NYX.


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10 Tips & Tricks for Attending Generation Beauty


Hey, beauties!  Can you believe that Generation beauty San Francisco is over?  I definitely can’t.  Tia and I have attended Generation beauty the past four years and have accumulated some pretty helpful tips for your visit to the next Generation Beauty.

What is Generation Beauty?

For those of you who do not know what Generation Beauty is, it’s a beauty event created by Michelle Phan.  She wanted a place where brands, You tubers, bloggers, makeup artists, and makeup lovers come together to enjoy something we all love.  The swag isn’t half bad either.  I personally love meeting with brands and learning about the new products or current faves.

10 Tips & Tricks for Generation Beauty
  1.  Early Registration.  Generation beauty is always on Saturday and Sunday, but they always have an early registration.  This happens on Friday before the event between 5-7pm.  This gives you a sneak peek of the venue and you get your admission badges early.
  2. Prior to the event, check out the brand’s page on the Gen beauty website.  Follow and like all the brands on social media.  Believe me, this simple step will save you a lot of time.  This is also a great time to prioritize what brands you want to visit with first.  Create your plan of action.
  3. Eat breakfast!
  4.  Arrive early.  The lines fill up quickly.  IPSY has an early entry admission that can be added on to your ticket.  Kind of like Disney’s magical hour.  You pay an extra fee of $39.95 for an extra hour to spend with the brands.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes.  You won’t believe how many girls come fully glam in 9″ heels.
  6. Do not carry a huge bag/purse.  Believe me, you will receive so many bags through out the day that you won’t need them.  A wrist-let or cross body bag will suffice.
  7. If you are a blogger or Vlogger- have your business cards and elevator pitch ready.
  8. Necessities- phone, portable charger,  water, and a snack.  They do have food trucks outside of the venue to grab some lunch or drinks.
  9. Bring cash and card to purchase goodies at a discounted price.  Brands like Benefit and Tarte sell their products at a discount.
  10. If you are not local to the event, bring a big luggage or an extra bag to carry onto the plane.  You will need it!

Final Thoughts

This is was by far the most organized Generation Beauty that we have attended.  All the lines went by smoothly and we were actually able to visit all the booths this time around.  Which is something we were not able to do in the past?  Another change is swag bags.  Instead of getting a swag bag each day, you are given one big swag bag, whenever you decide to pick it up.  Have you attended Generation beauty?  How was your experience?  Tell us in the comments.


Have a beautiful day!


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#Onebrandmotd: Rimmel


We are back with another #Onebrandmotd. If you’ve been following for about the past month, you know what this is all about. If not, I am talking about a beauty challenge that Gaby, from Beauty by Gaby, and myself came up with called #Onebrandmotd. This week brand is Rimmel London.

Brand Challenge

For those that do not know what the brand challenge is, let me explain!   Each week Gaby and I will be doing a full face using one makeup brand. We decided to alternate between high end and drugstore to provide some cheaper options. Check out our hashtag #onebrandmotd to see the finished looks on social media.

Rimmel London

Rimmel London is a drugstore brand made famous by Kate Moss.  With cult favorite lippies and the ever so popular it Rimmel Stay Matte matter. This brand really deserves a lot more praise.  A personal favorite of mine is the bb creams and contour palette.

I needed to create a look that was quick and easy, after all, I do wake up at 3:30 am and do not have the mental compacity to do a full face in the morning.  It also needed it to be interview appropriate since I had one later in the morning.

I was able to create a super simple, sun-kissed glow, summer look that worked very well for my interview and also helped me look alive during the day.  The #Instaflawless Skin Tint has been my go-to foundation because it provides just enough coverage and still looks very natural.

Face Deets


I hope you all enjoyed this week #Onebrandmotd.  Don’t forget to follow up with us next week where we will be featuring Too Faced Cosmetics.