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Gift Ideas For Him

If you’re anything like me or my mom then you struggle with the broken record question every year of what do we get dad for Christmas? More undies? Socks? While everyone could always use a refresh in undergarments, it doesn’t exactly scream “I’m thinking of you.” I’ve tried to make it my personal goal from now on to do better with men’s gifts. Some of the options I’ve found this Holiday season will be great gift ideas for him.

Gift Ideas For Him

Bulldog Skincare
Let’s start with a doggone good set from our friends at Bulldog Skincare for Men. The BullDog Skincare Trio Set is perfect for the men on your shopping list this Christmas. Very much like the puppers in my life the men have very little idea about self-maintenance. If they could, they’d lick their face and paws clean and be done with it. That’s why this basic skincare line that keeps it simple is just right for them! (The men of course, not the dogs.)
This set includes Original Face Wash 150ml 5.0 fl. oz. Original Face Scrub 125ml 4.2 fl. oz. and Original Moisturizer 100ml 3.3 fl. oz. These products are no bull, they work efficiently and effectively, a man’s dream. They contain aloe vera, green tea, camelina oil and no artificial colors, which makes them great for everyday use for the everyday man with a normal skin type.
These are all cruelty-free so they will be great for the animal lover in your life, and who can resist that adorabull wrinkly face on the packaging? This kit is specially designed to do exactly what it looks like the face wash cleanses, the scrub exfoliates, and the moisturizer hydrates without leaving that face fur all greasy.  None of the BullDog Skincare products include parabens or synthetic fragrances. After he lets his dog clean his face, Bulldog will do the true cleansing. Your man’s face is just barking for an improved daily routine and this kit is the right place to get him started.
Where To Buy
We know how men can be, sometimes they need a little encouragement and training. So walk that guy on your list into a new skincare regimen this Christmas with BullDog Skincare for Men’s Skincare Trio Set which can be located at for a budget-friendly price, use your Target card for an additional 5% off!
BROO Craft Beer Hair+Bod
This next set I need about 20 of since its perfect for almost every dude I know. I’m sure you haven’t missed it, you know, the craft beer craze that’s been flooding the U.S. over the last couple years. If you’re like Jacki and live in an area like Portland the craft beer fad couldn’t have been missed, they’re everywhere! I even live right down the street from the Monroe Rivertown Barrel House, and I live in a smaller town now. They have some amazing BBQ style tacos and I love the Rivertown Blueberry Lager! If you’re ever in the Cincinnati/Dayton area I’d definitely recommend stopping in for a pint! Such a large selection to choose from, and free pinball for the kids!
Too bad it’s Limited Edition since it’s such the perfect gift! The people at BROO Craft Beer Hair+Bod have been brewing up an all natural crafty gift for the beer loving men you’ve been shopping for! The Limited Edition BROO Holiday Gift set includes the Thickening Shampoo 8.5oz, Thickening Conditioner 8.5oz, and a 16oz Top-of-the-line pint glass by Klean Kanteen. These products are made up of over 50% premium craft beer, created for your locks to drink up giving hydrating life to fine flat hair. These beer infused products give hair volume, strength, and shine by quenching its thirst for caffeine, aloe, vitamin B, barley proteins, and minerals. This is such a genius way to provide a natural alternative route for detangling rather than coating your hair with a bitter fake silicone substance.
What It Has To Offer
Reading this I’m sure you’re thinking 50% beer, are they nuts? Who wants to get pulled over and field tested over the scent of their hair? Let me assure you, that the amazingly fresh Citrus Creme scent keeps you from smelling like you just crawled off the bar floor. With hints of orange, grapefruit, and vanilla cream this kit actually has no beer smell at all, well until you fill up your Klean Kanteen pint glass. Although a man’s glass should never be empty, I’d recommend washing it between uses. Some men seem to think beer is the cure for everything.
All Natural?
With this kit being non-GMO, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Color-Safe, containing no Harsh Preservatives, no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no silicones, no dyes, no artificial fragrance, no polyquaterniums, no harsh preservatives, no phenoxyethanol, no PEGs, no propylene glycol, no DEAs, no MEAs, no TEAs, and no dioxane it leaves you with no chemical hangover! Why not give him a pint for him and one for his hair?
Gift Ideas
A great way to get even craftier with this gift is to create a gift basket with their favorite brew! I love that this kit doesn’t already include the beer so that you can select one yourself. Craft beer is a picky thing, they’re all so different and everyone likes their own choice. If you know their top pick you could pick up some to include or include your’s for them to enjoy. Many breweries have their own restaurants as well. Including a gift card to the brewery itself would be a great bonus to add to your gift! A basket of brewed treats is perfect to toast off the end of the year with a fun festive personalized gift crafted especially for that guy on your list. Brew up some memories this holiday with a gift they’ll actually use and never forget. This set can be found at your local Walmart. Other great info on the BROO brand can be found on