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Tigard Street Fair- Taste of Tigard


Hey, friends!  We are back today to talk about the  Taste of Tigard.  For those of you who are local and live in Oregon, know that Tigard is a suburb outside of Portland.  On June 17th, Tigard held their first ever Taste of Tigard or tasting tour to be specific.

Tigard Street Fair

It was an opportunity for Tigardians to sample local entrepreneurs food and beverages.  This event was very much worth the visit.  There were maybe 2-3 vendors that I have actually tried and the rest were new to me.

The event was over by SYMPOSIUM coffee, which is also where  Tigard Street Heritage Trail and Rotary Plaza will be.

Admission to the event was free and there were opportunities to purchase items from the vendors.  The best route is purchasing the tasting passport.  Early bird pricing was $11 and then went up to $15.  Either way, it was worth the pricing.  You were provided a sample from each vendor including the liquor!

I, unfortunately, missed the purchasing time frame for the passport but was able to purchase items a la carte.

  1. Tigard Farmers Market
  2. Symposium Coffee
  3. Koi Fusion
  4. Indio Spirits
  5. Flyboy Brewing
  6. Stash Tea
  7. Zuniga Foods
  8. Patty-Cake, Patty-Cake
  9. Divine Catering
  10. Don Flores
  11. Le Cookie Monkey
  12. Southern Thai

Since I didn’t purchase the passport, I went ahead and just did a la carte items from certain booths.  I may or may not have gone back later to a specific cart for seconds.


Located on Sundays at the Tigard Farmer’s Market and Thursday Night Market in Downtown Tigard-  We tasted the Thai iced tea and Chicken Satay.  The Thai iced is probably one of the best I have ever had.  Very similar to a brand that I like to purchase in-stores.  Chicken satay and pickled veggies were great.  My favorite was the pickled veggies.  I would have gotten a whole plate of it if it was allowed.

Don Flores- Fish Tacos

Don Flores

This is a new food cart in Tigard, located behind Sherries Jewelry box.  My fiance is very picky when it comes to fish tacos.  He always compares them to the ones in San Diego, where he says the best fish tacos are found.  Surprisingly, these met his expectations and mine.  They were so good that we even went back later in the evening for a couple more!

Symposium Coffee- cardamom latte

Symposium Coffee

Is a really cool coffee shop located in the heart of downtown Tigard.  I personally am not a coffee drinker, but my fiance is.  He loved trying the Cardamom Latte with plans to go back and try the lavender.

Zuniga Foods- chips and salsa

Zuniga Foods

This was our first time tasting their salsa or even know they existed.  We seriously need to get out more!  The salsa was fresh and very tasty, partnered with the chips- they are a great healthy snack!

Le Cookie Monkey- desserts!!

Le Cookie Monkey

Amazing desserts at a reasonable price!  What more could anyone want?  The cookies are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside- exactly how they should be!  They also provide a number of other desserts, if cookies are not your thing.  We will definitely go back and grab some sweets!

Taste of Tigard is a great family friendly event.  We loved seeing everyone come out to support the community and definitely something we will attend again.

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#One brand motd: NARS Cosmetics


We are back with another #Onebrandmotd. If you’ve been following for about the past month, you know what this is all about. If not, I am talking about a beauty challenge that Gaby, from Beauty by Gaby, and myself came up with called #Onebrandmotd. This week brand is Nars Cosmetics.

Brand Challenge

For those that do not know what the brand challenge is, let me explain!   Each week Gaby and I will be doing a full face using one makeup brand. We decided to alternate between high end and drugstore to provide some cheaper options. Check out our hashtag #onebrandmotd to see the finished looks on social media.

Nars Cosmetics

Nars is another cult favorite brand.  Mainly known for the famous blush ‘Orgasm’, and for good reason.  Orgasm is absolutely beautiful!  Unfortunately, I am not using the blush color in my look today, but I worked in the lipgloss.

This look is a no makeup, makeup look.  I do have days where I go all out, but most can be found very minimal.  That’s my style and what works for me.  Check below for the deets!

Budget Friendly Ways

Let’s talk budget real quick!  Since this brand is a luxury brand, I wanted to touch base on how I get some of my high-end products.  I couldn’t justify spending $29.00 on a single eyeshadow.  I would suggest checking out value sets like the Sephora favorites.  This is how I obtained the dual-intensity eyeshadow and the full-size lipgloss.

You can also join Sephora playbox.  It’s a monthly subscription that gets you five sample, deluxe size samples, or an occasional full-size product for $10.00 a month.   You can sign up here.

My last suggestion would be shopping at Nordstrom!  The NARS counter always has a gift with purchases.  The girls at my counter are super nice and give out great gifts.  I ended up with a gloss, liner, mascara, small blush, and cream blush stick for purchasing one of the cheek palettes. Well worth it!

I hope you all enjoyed this week #Onebrandmotd.  Don’t forget to check back next week for our high brand end.  If there is a brand you would like us to do, leave us a comment below!

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#One brand motd: Kat Von D


We are back with another #Onebrandmotd.  You might be thinking what is she talking about?  Well, I am talking about a beauty challenge that Gaby, from Beauty by Gaby, and myself came up with called #Onebrandmotd.  This week we are doing #One brand motd: Kat Von D.

Brand Challenge

What’s a brand challenge?  Let me explain.  Each week Gaby and I will be doing a full face using one makeup brand.  We decided to alternate between high end and drugstore each week to provide some cheaper options.  Check out our hashtag #onebrandmotd to see the finished looks on social media.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D is an amazing brand with amazing products, but after looking in my collection, I quickly came to find that I didn’t own much of her products.  Crazy, right?  This motd called for a lot of creativity.

I actually thought I had a blush and some lippies as well, but as you can tell from the picture above- I only own the Shade and Light Contour Palette and a sample of tattoo liner.  The used the contour palette as eyeshadow, brow powder, and my contour/highlight.


The palette worked great as an eyeshadow- very blendable and the colors worked perfectly.  I am a nudes girl anyway.   I don’t have to tell you how great it worked as a face palette- that’s what it is made for.  As a brow powder, it did the trick.  It went a little bolder than I like, but a little blending and you are good to go.

I am going to take advantage and utilize this palette more for all over the face.  It takes up less space in my makeup bag and great for travel.  Now off to Sephora to purchase more Kat Von D.  I still can’t believe that these are the only products I own.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks #onebrandmotd.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag to show us your look!

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NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash


Let’s talk skincare.  If you are going to spend money on anything, I suggest spending it on skincare items. I am not saying that you can’t find affordable options because there are.  It’s all about testing products and coming up with a regime that works for your skin.  I have been incorporating the NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash into my skin routine for the past few weeks.

All About the Brand

Neostrata started in 1988 in Princeton, New Jersey, by two doctors.  They wanted to be able to offer their products to everyone.  They now have NeoStrata®, Exuviance®, and CoverBlend® under their belt and are sold over 80 countries worldwide.

NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash

A potent, pH-balanced, foaming facial cleanser for experienced Glycolic Acid users who prefer a deep cleansing.

  • High strength, pH-balanced, soap-free face wash
  • 18% Glycolic Acid smoothes skin texture
  • Lactobionic Acid gently enhances cell renewal
  • Recommended for experienced Glycolic Acid users

First, let’s start with the packaging.  A major plus this product has is the pump.  I always appreciate a company who adds this in.

Now, I don’t use this cleanser every day and I do not use it in the morning and in the evening.  I use this once or twice a week for deep cleansing.

This product is something that you have to work into your routine, especially if you have sensitive skin like I do.  If you do have sensitive skin, you can work the product in slowly, like I have.  Then eventually move into just mornings or evenings, when your skin is used to it.  I love that it acts as a mild exfoliant and unclogs the skin.

Final Thoughts

This product is perfect for someone with normal skin.  If you have sensitive skin, then please be careful when using this product.  Like I said, I use it minimally and like it.

Give it a try for yourself!  I’d love to hear what you think about it.  Leave a comment below!

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#One brand motd: Wet-n-Wild


It’s that time again, brand Challenge time!  You might be thinking what is she talking about?  Well, I am talking about a challenge that Gaby, from Beauty by Gaby, and myself came up with called #Onebrandmotd.  This week we are doing #One brand motd: Wet-n-Wild.

Brand Challenge

What’s a brand challenge?  Let me explain.  Each week Gaby and I will be doing a full face using one makeup brand.  We decided to alternate between high end and drugstore each week to provide some cheaper options.  Check out our hashtag #onebrandmotd to see the finished looks on social media.


This week’s brand is none other than the drugstore cult favorite, Wet-n-Wild.  Wet n Wild is one of my favorite drugstore brands, if not the favorite.  They have great products at really affordable prices.  I am even going to say they have the best eyeshadows at the drugstore.  If you do not own the comfort zone palette, getcha some!

Face deets

  1. Photo Focus™ Foundation– Cream Beige
  2. Photo Focus™ Pressed Powder– Warm Beige
  3. MegaGlo Dual-Ended Contour Stick
  4. Color Icon™ Blush (old packaging)- Mellow Wine
  5. MegaGlo™ Highlighting Powder– I actually used their cream highlight that was an LE.  The one provided is an alternative.
  6. Wet N Wild Going in the Wild Palette- Limited Edtion- Going in the Wild (Unfortunately, this palette was from a few years back.  You’re lucky if you can get their hands on it).

Here is my finished look.  I did use one of the new Wet n Wild balms as well but lost it in the deep depths of my purse.  First world problems, I tell you!

What are your favorite Wet n Wild products?  Let us know in the comments below!  Also, share your #onebrandmotd using our hashtag.  We’d love to see what you create!

Have a beautiful day!

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#Onebrandmotd: Benefit Cosmetics


Wednesdays are for brand challenges with your makeup bestie!  What am I talking about?  Well, I am talking about a challenge that Gaby, from Beauty by Gaby, and myself came up with called #Onebrandmotd:  Benefit Cosmetics.

One Brand Motd-  Benefit Cosmetics

What’s a brand challenge?  Let me explain.  Each week Gaby and I will be doing a full face using one makeup brand.  We decided to alternate between high end and drugstore each week to provide some cheaper options.  Check out our hashtag #onebrandmotd to see the finished looks.

Week 1- Benefit Cosmetics

We have decided to start our brand challenge with Benefit Cosmetics.  The look that I have created is a no makeup, makeup look- that can be done in about 5 minutes.

On the face:

Porefessional Primer

Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW- Beige

What’s up!  Highlighter

Ka-brow! #3

Roller lash

Lolli balm

I hope you all enjoyed our first weeks looks using all Benefit cosmetics.  Tune in next week for our Wet n Wild looks.

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Let’s Get Wiggy With It

Let’s Get Wiggy With It
This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

Have you ever wake up in the morning look at your bedhead mop and just think nah nah nah nah nah?

We have found the perfect solution for you!  It’s a product that allows you to instantly and effortlessly change not just the color and length but also the style of your hair within 60 seconds. Let’s get wiggy with it.


Divatress is one of the beauty industry’s leading e-Commerce websites.  They carry products ranging from wigs, hair care products, beauty tools, and cosmetics.  You do not have to be a beauty professional to order from Divatress.  You can be the average mom, just wanting a small change at an affordable price point.

Freetress Lace Front Wigs

We suggest trying free tress lace front wigs.  These wigs are a special type of wig that is made out of real human hair or synthetic hair.  The hair is tied by hand onto a sheer lace base that lays on top of the scalp.

Depending on the on how these wigs are cared for, they can last anywhere from 3-6 months.  For virgin hair lace wigs, these can last anywhere from 6-12.   With the affordable prices provided by Divatress, you will definitely be getting your money’s worth.

Here are some of the wigs they offer

You can also choose different colors that best match your skin tone.  If not, get crazy and choose something totally out of your comfort.  That’s the freedom that the free tress lace wigs provide.


Have you tried wigs before?  If so, how do you like them?  Do you have a particular style of wigs that you like better?  Leave us some comments below!  We’d love to hear your thoughts on wigs and what styles you go for!  I’ve always been curious about different hairstyles but never thought about using wigs to obtain to those looks.

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Makeupateers to Luxe Budgetnistas: Our Rebranding Story


Hi, loves! It’s been awhile since we’ve posted. Well, as you can see we’ve re-branded! Makeupateers to Luxe Budgetnistas: Our Rebranding Story.  Read on to see how and why we chose to rebrand.

Makeupateers was started three years ago by Gaby, Blaire, and myself.  We decided on Makeupateers because we were three-makeup-loving girls.  Kind of like the musketeers of makeup, get it?  After a while, Blaire lost interest in the blog.  It didn’t seem right to have only two Makeupateers.  Gaby and I decided to bring on another makeup loving friend, Erin- who, at first, provided great makeup looks for the blog.  After a year or so, real life hit Erin full force.  She could no longer actively contribute to the blog.  By this time, I was running Makeupateers on my own, because Gaby was focused on her blog, Beauty by Gaby.  By the way, if you haven’t checked out Gaby’s blog you should here!

Makeupateers to Luxe Budgetnistas: Introducing Tia

Again, it didn’t feel right having one Makeupateer.  I decided to bring someone else onto the blog, Tia!  Why not?  I felt she was a perfect fit. She was a long-time supporter of Makeupateers, beauty group owner on Facebook and has an amazing love for beauty.  I am happy to say that I have finally found my blog match and our partnership has worked out so well.  With that being said, all the changes through the years with Makeupateers, we have come to a point where we felt the name no longer held the same meaning. After some deep thought and discussion, we felt it was best to re-brand with a new name that was fitting to us now.

We are happy to announce that we have made a full transition to our new brand- Luxe Budgetnistas. We plan on providing great content on all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and travel- with some inspiration/empowerment thrown in as we always have.

Thank you for being patient with us as we make this change and for the continued support.

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Sephora Haul


Hi, loves! We are back today with a mini haul from Sephora. I wanted to share some products that are also good value.

Sephora Favorites: Give Me Some Nude Lip

This is by far the best value at Sephora, at least in my opinion.  For $28 you get six lip products.  They come in a lip-shaped box- what can I say…I’m a package junkie.  These range from full-size products to deluxe sample, with a value of $88.

This set contains:
– 0.05 oz/ 1.55 g Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb (beige nude)
– 0.07 oz/ 1.55 g Buxom® Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian (nude)
– 0.009 oz/ 0.25 g Estée Edit The Barest Contour Lip Liner in 05 In The Buff (satin nude)
– 0.05 oz/ 1.7 g Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crème in 246 Slow Burn (creamy nude rose)
– 0.08 oz/ 2.3 mL Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick in Queen B (matte soft mauve)
– 0.11 oz/ 3.4 g Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in 1993 Comfort Matte (medium brown)
You get everything you need to create the perfect nude lip.  The color range is also pretty great.  It comes with a color for every almost every skin color.  I would suggest running to your local Sephora and grabbing one of these kits.  You will not regret it.

Sephora Line

 SEPHORA COLLECTIONMicellar Cleansing Water & Milk – Coconut Water
Micellar waters are all the rage right now.  Everyone is starting to come out with them, so it’s no surprise that Sephora wasn’t right behind.  Not a coconut fan, no problem!  Sephora has a few different scents.  They are also made to fit your type of skin.  This product is not very big, so keep this in mind.  You are getting a 3.3 oz item for $6.50.
Coconut Water-Coconut Water Extract: Soothes the discomfort and tightness of the dry skin.


Sephora also came out with lip balms and scrubs.  There are 6 different lip balms/scrubs.  If you have not already guessed, coconut is my favorite.  Since I can’t go home my island, I’ll bring a bit of the island to me, lol.  So far the lip balm is very hydrating.  If you’re wondering, the scent is not strong at all- so you should be fine.  Definitely worth the $6 for 0.123 product.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my mini Sephora Haul!  Full reviews on each item will be coming soon!

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3D Mink Lash Review


Hi, loves! We are back today with a review on 3D Mink lashes from Private Label Extensions.  There are different styles of lashes that fit every budget.  3D Mink lashes are a good in between brand.  Let me tell you why!

Private Label Extensions

Private Label Extensions is a Georgia-based wholesale company.  They wholesale hair extensions, branding, and 3D lashes at affordable pricing.

Let’s Talk Lashes

I was presented with the opportunity to test out two different lashes from Private Label Extensions.  There are 10 different styles of lashes available.  This covers everything from everyday natural to full voluminous lashes.  3D lashes are 100% handcrafted and 100% mink.  Created with two to three of layers of mink.

I chose the Amelia and Jane styles.  I don’t glam up often, so I wanted to choose styles that would work for every day.  With natural looking lashes, you still get the illusion of long full lashes.  I would say they’re very similar in looks.  Pricing starts at $13.50 for one set or $125 for 10 sets.  You will definitely get your money’s worth because one single set can be reused up to 25 times!  Crazy, right?

An added bonus is the packaging.  It isn’t cheap cardboard or flimsy plastic.  You are actually provided a case that you can store the lashes in after every use.


  • Hair: 3D Mink
  • Style: Jane
  • Color: Natural Color
  • Strip Lash
  • Reusable (Suggested use 20-25 wears)


  • Hair: 3D Mink
  • Style: Jane
  • Color: Natural Color
  • Strip Lash
  • Reusable (Suggested use 20-25 wears)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here you will see the Janes applied.  In the second picture, you can see the difference in the lashes. The right eye shows the difference in lengths from natural to falsies.  These are an instant favorite with a simple application and a comfortable band.  They were easy to remove and clean off with no leftover glue residue.  Easily addicted!

Purchase some styles for yourself to see how great these are.  You could even create your own brand and sell your favorites. Start your dreams like the entrepreneurs who started Private Label Extensions.