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Welcome to our blog!  We created Luxe budgetnistas as a way to share our love for all things beauty, fashion, life, and travel.  We love living life, but we also understand that there are means we all have to live within.  Tia and I are going to show you how to live that luxe life on a budget.  Whether it’s showing drugstore alternatives to a high-end makeup brand, date night ideas on the cheap, budget-friendly shopping days, and travel on the cheap.  This is just the beginning!  We want to show you that it is possible to be frugal and enjoy life.  And why shouldn’t we?  We only have one life to live.

We also joined forces for a number of reasons.  One, for example, is our skin tone and skin type.  This gives us the opportunity to provide two different reviews for the same product.  Also, one of us is a little edgier- oh, who I am kidding?  Tia is a skull, leather, and glitter kind of a girl and Jacki is your natural, nudes, classic kind of a gal.

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