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#One brand motd: NARS Cosmetics


We are back with another #Onebrandmotd. If you’ve been following for about the past month, you know what this is all about. If not, I am talking about a beauty challenge that Gaby, from Beauty by Gaby, and myself came up with called #Onebrandmotd. This week brand is Nars Cosmetics.

Brand Challenge

For those that do not know what the brand challenge is, let me explain!   Each week Gaby and I will be doing a full face using one makeup brand. We decided to alternate between high end and drugstore to provide some cheaper options. Check out our hashtag #onebrandmotd to see the finished looks on social media.

Nars Cosmetics

Nars is another cult favorite brand.  Mainly known for the famous blush ‘Orgasm’, and for good reason.  Orgasm is absolutely beautiful!  Unfortunately, I am not using the blush color in my look today, but I worked in the lipgloss.

This look is a no makeup, makeup look.  I do have days where I go all out, but most can be found very minimal.  That’s my style and what works for me.  Check below for the deets!

Budget Friendly Ways

Let’s talk budget real quick!  Since this brand is a luxury brand, I wanted to touch base on how I get some of my high-end products.  I couldn’t justify spending $29.00 on a single eyeshadow.  I would suggest checking out value sets like the Sephora favorites.  This is how I obtained the dual-intensity eyeshadow and the full-size lipgloss.

You can also join Sephora playbox.  It’s a monthly subscription that gets you five sample, deluxe size samples, or an occasional full-size product for $10.00 a month.   You can sign up here.

My last suggestion would be shopping at Nordstrom!  The NARS counter always has a gift with purchases.  The girls at my counter are super nice and give out great gifts.  I ended up with a gloss, liner, mascara, small blush, and cream blush stick for purchasing one of the cheek palettes. Well worth it!

I hope you all enjoyed this week #Onebrandmotd.  Don’t forget to check back next week for our high brand end.  If there is a brand you would like us to do, leave us a comment below!